Domination of Mexico hot spots in the first weeks of 2018

Mexico is set to host its hottest spots for the first time this season, as the country is poised to set records in a variety of weather conditions.

Domination of the country’s hot spots will occur as the first week of October arrives and as the humidity begins to drop.

Mexico is set up to set record hot spots from its northern regions in order to avoid the potential of extreme temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday.

The first week has seen record high temperatures in the region and humidity is expected to remain high, with the country expected to reach record high rainfall.

Temperatures have already surpassed the record highs set during the hot spots season in 2015 and 2016.

This week, temperatures will rise to the maximum of 46 degrees Celsius, which is also the maximum temperature that can be reached at the border between the United States and Mexico.

On Thursday, the first of the two hottest days of the year will hit Mexico with temperatures forecast to hit the highest of 50 degrees Celsius and the minimum of 36 degrees Celsius.

The region of Ciudad Juarez, where the El Nino weather pattern is strong, is expected in the middle of the nation’s hottest spot.

The area is expected have temperatures in excess of 50°C on Wednesday, while the minimum temperature is set at 37°C.

The second week will be another record hot week for the country with temperatures set to hit over 50°F and a minimum of 35°C as the rains start to fall.

As temperatures begin to fall, Mexico’s government will be on alert, with more than 100,000 government employees, public servants, and civilians being asked to be on high alert due to the expected drop in humidity, according to reports.