How to get your own sexy hair salon

Hot spot salon has launched a new online portal to help you make your own.

The service has a number of options, including one for hot spot owners.

Hot spot owner Aisha Niaz says: ‘This will allow you to start off your own private salon and give you the freedom to grow as you wish.

‘I would like to personally thank Hot Spot Salon and the entire staff for their support throughout this launch.

‘We are looking forward to a long and happy career in the hot spot industry and wish you all the best.’

Hot spot owners are welcome to take up to five people to take advantage of the portal.

To use the service, users must first register on the Hot Spot Haircare website, which allows them to set up a private appointment.

The online salon will then be open to all registered users.

The portal will be open from 11am-6pm on weekdays and 11am – 3pm on weekends and public holidays.

For those who want to start a private salon, Hot Spot can help you do that by offering to provide a personalised hair service and offer to pay for your own styling.