Why are you still using your iPhone when you should be using your tablet?

An iPhone 6 is a smartphone, but it’s the tablet that’s more interesting to us.

Our readers love the touch screen, but we’re always looking for ways to improve our tablet experience.

Read moreThe new iPhone 6 comes with a big upgrade over the iPhone 6 Plus and 6, both of which are still offered in Japan.

There’s a new A9 chip with a faster processing speed, 4K video, and a faster RAM.

And, it’s now possible to swap out the home button for a new one.

Read moreIf you’ve been using your smartphone for years, you’ve probably noticed a slight change in the way you hold it.

If you’ve never used a touchscreen phone before, the way your fingers interact with the screen can feel a bit off.

It can also feel a little like a different kind of device to use.

But now there’s a touchscreen option on the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 Plus has a much faster processor and faster RAM, and you can swap out your home button to swap between three different home screens, including the home screen of your tablet.

If this is too much to ask for, it looks like Apple is working on a new version of the iPhone for the home market.

This is the new Home screen in use on the new iPhone 7s Plus.

The new screen is a bit larger than on the iPad Mini, and there’s more screen space.

The display is a more vibrant color than it was on the last-gen iPhone 6s, and it’s larger than the display on the previous-gen iPad Air and iPad mini.

There are some subtle changes too.

The buttons are now on the top and bottom instead of at the top, and the home bar is now located below the screen.

There’s also a new shortcut for the camera.

If a screen is in your way, it’ll now flash a light.

It’s not as flashy as the camera shortcut, but this shortcut gives you the option to turn on or off the flashlight.

It might not be a feature everyone uses every day, but if you’re a big fan of flashing your home screen, it might be worth it.

The iPhone 7 is powered by the A9X chip with an improved graphics chip.

It supports 4K Ultra HD resolution, up to 1080p at 30fps.

The camera is a new 12MP sensor with an f/1.7 aperture.

There is a faster processor with faster RAM and faster GPU.

The screen is bigger than on any previous iPhone, and Apple has also added a new color option.

The new screen also has a touch interface, which means you can use the home buttons and the camera without having to touch the screen or the phone.

Apple’s new iPhone has a dual camera setup, with a 12MP rear camera and a 10MP front camera.

There were reports earlier this year that Apple might have made the dual camera system a third camera, but there were no reports of that happening at this year’s event.

The dual camera is designed for shooting selfies and video, but you can also use it for photos and stills.

Apple said it would support dual cameras for video on iPhones in the future, but that hasn’t happened yet.

The Apple TV now supports 4k UHD content, and is the only new feature in this new iPhone.

Apple says it’s up to 60% faster than 1080p, and that 4k content is available in up to 50 million content markets.

Apple says the iPhone has become more useful for business and productivity, and we’re excited to see how this new device performs.

But what’s your favorite feature of the new iPhones?