Which tech company is making the most in new phone sales?

Mobile tech is a big part of Apple’s success in the smartphone market, but that doesn’t mean it’s just Apple.

The company’s new iPhone 8 is the company’s most expensive phone ever, with a $999.99 starting price and a $1,000 upgrade price.

That’s the biggest jump ever for an iPhone.

Apple says it plans to sell the phone at least 200,000 units, but this week it told analysts it’s still working to sell that many.

It says it’s not expecting the iPhone 8 to make a profit, but expects it to sell a “significant number” of units.

Apple’s iPhone 7s launched in January 2015 at $699.99, with the 7s Plus priced at $999, and the iPhone 7 with Touch ID at $1 the same price.

The iPhone 8 starts at $9,999, $19,999 and $29,999.