How to keep an eye on the hottest hot spots in California

The California heat wave has killed tens of thousands of people and left many more homeless and homeless people in hot spots.

But it’s not just California.

The U.S. is experiencing a hot spot crisis with hot spots like California’s desert hot spots killing and injuring thousands of residents.

We’re getting more and more of these hot spots as the state’s deserts warm up and become drier.

That means more of them and more people are dying and injured from the hot spots across the country.

In some cases, the deaths are tied to a hot weather event.

We’ve seen a few deaths from these hot spot disasters in the last few months.

We also have to consider the other side of the equation.

For example, we have seen the death of dozens of firefighters from the San Bernardino wildfires.

The city of Santa Barbara has been dealing with a hot streak for weeks and now it’s looking like it could become a hot one.

There’s also the issue of water scarcity, as the reservoirs have been drying up in the drought.

As the state struggles to find solutions, we’ve also seen many cases of the deaths of firefighters, police officers and other people who’ve lost their lives in the fires.

In fact, there are about 600 people dead or missing from wildfires nationwide.

And the toll could be even higher.

The San Bernardino and Sonoma wildfires are the two biggest wildfires in California in recent years.

It’s now being reported that more than 100 firefighters and more than 1,000 law enforcement personnel are missing.

The San Bernardino fire is believed to be the worst in the state since at least 1891.

It has claimed the lives of at least 1,500 people and damaged over a million acres.

It began burning in the Sonoma County mountains, killing more than 500 people in the days after a massive wildfire broke out in the area.

Sonoma is now in a state of emergency due to the fire.

In Santa Barbara County, about 3,200 people have died and thousands more are missing in the past year.

In California, the state is experiencing the worst drought in almost a century.

The state’s rivers are drying up, causing the water to pool in lakes, rivers and reservoirs.

And wildfires are now beginning to take hold in the mountains, especially in the Sierra Nevada, the tallest mountain range in the world.

 At least five people have been killed in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is currently the epicenter of the wildfires.

In Los Angeles, the city of Los Angeles has seen its water supply dried up.

There have been more than 800 water tankers lost in the city.

The water shortage in the region is causing the city to turn to private wells.

The California state has been on a mandatory water shut-off for more than a week and has been in the process of shutting off more than half of the state.

As the state tries to find a solution to the crisis, there have been reports of more deaths and injuries from the fires, which are being blamed on the heat wave.

As for what’s next for the hot spot issue, the government has started issuing notices warning residents to keep their windows closed, especially when it gets really hot.