How to make a Hot Spot Pug – And Get It for $2.49

Hot spots are the hottest spots in Colombia, the Colombian government said on Monday.

The government will offer discounts to those willing to spend a night at one.

The offer is part of a crackdown on drug trafficking that has targeted Colombian hotels, bars and clubs, which are considered hotspots.

The country’s Tourism Ministry said in a statement the Hot Spot is “a symbol of the rich cultural heritage of Colombia.”

Hot spots will be offered a discount of 25% to 50% and can include a night stay of up to three nights at a hotel or an extra night at a nightclub.

Colombia’s tourism ministry said it would launch a special initiative to help those who want to stay at the Hot Stops.

It also said the offer is aimed at helping “high-risk groups” who are struggling to cope with the crisis.

The Colombian government has also pledged $2 million to help pay for hotel rooms for migrants, but the offer has not been publicly announced.

Colombia has a chronic problem with drug trafficking, with more than 60,000 people killed by cartels, many of them from the southern region of the country.