New York’s New York City hotspots will get a boost as summer arrives

Hot spots will be among the areas receiving some of the city’s hottest summer weather this summer.

The New York Public Library announced Tuesday that it is adding three new parks to its summer programming, including one near the Brooklyn Bridge and the other near Prospect Park in the Bronx.

The new parks, which are called New York Hot Spot Park and Hot Spot Hot Spot, will include the Brooklyn and Queens Bridges, Prospect Park, and the new Brooklyn Museum of Natural History.

Hot Spot Parks are located along the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront, where they are adjacent to beaches, parks, and playgrounds, as well as the riverfront and in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

The parks will open in July and will be open 365 days a year, the library said in a news release.

New York Hot spot parks have been a hot topic of discussion in the city since last year, when a man killed two children and a woman at a Brooklyn park after he saw the park as a safe haven.

Last year, a man who was visiting New York from Australia was shot to death after he entered the park, and a man with a gun killed two people inside the park.

The city’s parks department announced last year that it was launching a pilot program in 2017 aimed at helping neighborhoods to develop better parks and recreation options.

The park department will also add more park amenities, such as restrooms, shade, and shade-friendly trees and grass, to the parks, according to the news release from the library.

While the park department said in the release that there are currently no plans to open the parks in 2018, it said it is considering new options for future programs and plans to reopen them when conditions permit.