Why the Redskins should keep the hot spot map and hot spot device at home

Hot spots can be dangerous, but they also can be the most valuable pieces of information teams can use to evaluate the quality of their plays.

When a team is able to keep its hot spots on a map, they’re better able to evaluate a game in the first place.

The Redskins are using this map to evaluate their performance against the Chargers.

The team has a very good shot at beating them this season.

In the first quarter, the Redskins lead 19-6, but the Chargers take advantage of a questionable holding penalty on Jason Spriggs, who is clearly holding his breath.

After a few minutes of the game, a few players start to realize the Redskins are on the verge of taking the lead.

It’s only a matter of time before they start throwing quick passes.

After that first interception, the team is in a 9-7 hole.

With two possessions left in the game and only one more to go, quarterback Robert Griffin III is forced to take a pass to the right of the end zone.

The ball sails through the air, and a wide-open Andre Johnson (12 yards) runs the wrong way to the sideline.

After the ball goes through the end zones, it’s a simple matter of getting the defense off the field, getting pressure, and making the Chargers pay.

Griffin throws a quick pass to Johnson to the left of the goal line, where he is tackled and returned for a touchdown.

With that touchdown, the Chargers are in a 14-3 hole.

The Redskins are still up by two points, and they’re already down to 17-14.

This is a good sign.

With a quick start, they can score, and take the lead into halftime.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

The Chargers got their offense off the ground with a first down.

After getting two first downs on the next possession, the defense was forced to punt again.

The punt, however, wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked.

The Chargers offense quickly gets the ball back in the red zone, and Griffin throws to tight end Josh Morgan to his left.

Morgan has a great route, and he goes up for a short touchdown.

With 2:05 left in regulation, the score is tied at 19-19.

The drive ends in a field goal attempt from Griffin, but he misses.

With 11:07 left in overtime, the game is tied.

The score is still tied.

With 1:03 left in OT, the Raiders are on their way to winning the game.

After an incomplete pass to fullback Jamison Crowder, Griffin throws the ball to wide receiver Michael Crabtree to the back of the ends zone.

Crabtree is open, and his reception is incomplete.

The Raiders have a chance to tie the game on a fourth down with less than two minutes left in extra time.

The game remains tied, and the Redskins get the ball on the Raiders’ next drive.

Griffin runs a deep out to tight ends Jordan Reed and Austin Hooper.

Reed is wide open, but Hooper is too slow.

After a series of plays that lead to some penalties and a couple of turnovers, Reed is able a touchdown and tie the score.

The Raiders were able to tie it in overtime with less time left, but that was the last time they had a chance.

It was a game that ended in a big game.

It’s easy to look at the stats and conclude that Griffin is struggling.

He has been sacked 12 times this season, and just three times were by opposing quarterbacks.

He also has been targeted six times, which is an extremely low number for a quarterback.

He’s thrown just two interceptions this season and has thrown four touchdowns.

The stats don’t tell the whole story though.

He had a better day against the Bills, completing 13 of his 27 passes for 204 yards and two touchdowns.

He was also sacked just once, which was for a 0-yard loss.

Griffin was very impressive as a passer, completing 11 of 13 passes for 201 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions.

He threw for another two touchdowns on his way to completing 20 of his 32 passes for 301 yards with two touchdowns and no picks.

This was the fourth game in which he has thrown for over 200 yards and had at least three touchdowns.

With the Rams defense not being as bad, Griffin should have a better chance at scoring in the final third of the field.

In overtime, he has completed six of his seven passes for 106 yards and a touchdown, while running a pass that was intercepted.

Griffin should continue to make big plays and show that he can be a high-quality option at the quarterback position.

With a few more games to go before he becomes a regular starter, Griffin will need to continue to improve his accuracy and throw it the right way.

The numbers and the stats don