‘It’s not about the money’: Thai hot spot to open next year

Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, has long been the country’s hot spot for bachongs, hot tea and spicy food.

But a new, upscale restaurant will be opening next year, with Thai hot spots on the menu including a $6 “Hot Dog” bowl.

“The new hot spot will be a hot dog bowl, with the hot dog wrapped in a hot-dog wrapper and wrapped with lettuce,” said Dua Neng, president of the Bangkok Hot Dogs and Biscuits Association, which owns the restaurant and is behind the restaurant’s plans.

He expects it to open in December.

“Hot dogs are a great food to eat, and Thai hot food is a lot more popular than other foods in Thailand.

It’s a very popular food in Thailand,” said Neng.

He added that Bangkok’s hot spots have been mostly located on the city’s southern border with Laos.

The area, where most people go to eat bachong, has a population of around 10 million people, making it one of the fastest growing cities in Southeast Asia.

A new Thai hot dog restaurant is scheduled to open this year in Bangkok, but the Thai government has yet to officially announce the location.

Neng said he hopes the new restaurant will attract tourists and locals, and that it will be “a good tourist attraction.”

The Hot Dog Bowl has been serving bachang, bai-chong, bao, and chai hot dogs since 2008.

It has an average of 4,000 to 5,000 customers a day.

Bangkok’s Bao Palace, an upscale restaurant and market, also has a hot dogs menu.

But the Bao has closed in June after just four years of operation.

Bao owner Chai Kompong said he wanted to reopen the restaurant after a year-long stint in an old hotel.

He said he opened the restaurant to “keep up with the demand” for bao and the surrounding area.

“I didn’t think we’d be able to stay open for the last six months,” he said.

“But we had to close because we couldn’t keep up with demand. “

When the government closed, we had a lot of money and all our expenses were taken care of,” said Chai, who was born in Thailand and came to the United States to pursue his education.

“But we had to close because we couldn’t keep up with demand.

We just couldn’t do it anymore,” he added.

Baua Restaurant in the United Kingdom, a branch of the KFC franchise, has also opened a bao shop in Bangkok.

“If it were a restaurant, it wouldn’t be very popular in Thailand, but it’s a popular restaurant,” said the company’s general manager, Ian Thompson.

He noted that bao is a popular Thai delicacy, especially in Bangkok’s crowded tourist districts.

“People are more than happy to eat hot dogs, and there are hot dogs being served here in Bangkok,” Thompson said.

Hot dogs are also being served at many of Thailand’s popular markets.

But as more restaurants open, hot dogs will be on the menus of more and more Thai destinations, such as the Thai Hot Wings and Belly Burger chain.

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