Pottery store is the perfect place to visit for hot spot delis

Hot spots in the Phoenix metro area have been known for their great pizza, hot dogs and other treats, and they’re getting more adventurous as the hot spots have expanded their menu.

The Denver Post reports that the pizza joint that opened in the parking lot of the Colorado Convention Center recently opened a deli inside the new Hot Spot Pizza and Hot Dog Parlor.

The restaurant, which opened just a few weeks ago, is now offering an array of different deli sandwiches, sandwiches, salads, wraps and other deli fare.

There are even a few baked goods available.

The owners of Hot Spot say they’re hoping to open the deli in late March, and it’s already booked for the summer.

Hot Spot, located at 713 W. Broadway, has an extensive menu that includes sandwiches, burgers, chicken wings, burgers and pizzas.

It’s also known for its delicious sandwiches and other hot spot treats.

Hot spot pizzeria owner Chris Kneebone says his goal is to have more deli offerings available throughout the year.

“Our focus is to make sure that we are offering the freshest and best food and the fresheest and best sandwiches we can make,” Kneibone said.

The owners of the Hot Spot restaurant, who are known for serving the best pizza in Phoenix, say they are excited about opening a deliverer and hope to offer a wide variety of deli options.

“The deli has been the core of our restaurant,” Kneeberger said.

“We wanted to give the customers that experience, and now we can offer that experience at an affordable price.”

The owners have also created a video on YouTube that shows them working to make the delis sandwiches and salads the best in town.