Sprint’s ‘Tectonic Hot Spot’ Router Adds Tectonic Coverage to Its Next-Generation Wi-Fi Router

Sprint’s Tectonics Hotspot Router is a Wi-fi router that lets you enjoy the same level of security, security, and reliability as Apple’s own HomeKit, but with some significant differences.

The Tectons new router adds Tecton to its lineup, which includes the HomeKit and Android devices.

Tecton’s T1 hotspot router uses the same firmware as the T1, which means that it supports the same protocols, so you’ll be able to easily use it with the same app and hardware as the original T1.

The router also supports the 802.11ac standard, which is the standard that’s powering the iPhone and iPad, and has been standard for several years.

T2 has an additional benefit over the T3: T2’s T2 hotspot is a T3 compatible router.

This means that the router can connect to T3 devices, which are much smaller and less powerful than the T2, and connect to the Internet without the need for an antenna.

T3 devices will be available in the US this spring, and in other countries in 2018.

T1 and T2 can be found in the Google Store and other places.

The T3 will be the first T1 router available in all markets, but the T4 will be coming soon, too.

The Google Play store has a full list of the devices that will come with T4, which should be available this spring.