When is a Zika virus outbreak a threat?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Sunday that it is “more likely” that Zika virus outbreaks will occur during summer months, a time when temperatures in the continental United States are typically above 60 degrees.

This could lead to increased travel between Florida and Miami, which have been plagued by outbreaks.

The CDC said that the virus, which has caused microcephaly and other health problems, is transmitted via direct contact with a pregnant woman.

The outbreak in Miami-Dade County has infected more than 1,600 people, including more than 2,300 pregnant women.

This week, officials in Miami said they are working to vaccinate some 4,000 pregnant women who have traveled there.

The agency said the CDC’s assessment is based on data from local health departments, and does not include information from other health departments.

The city of Miami has also had a spate of cases of the virus in its medical system, prompting concerns among health experts.

Miami has had outbreaks in recent weeks of microcephy, fever, and other symptoms.

The virus has also spread to Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands, as well as in Australia.

Miami and Puerto Rico are in the midst of a public health emergency, which is a state of emergency.

This is the first time in Miami’s history that the city has experienced a pandemic.

Miami’s mayor, Tomas Regalado, has said the city is under a state-of-emergency, but the city’s chief medical officer has said there is no specific threat to the entire city.

Regalada has said he expects the virus to pass through the city as people continue to travel to and from the island.

The governor has said Miami is not prepared to handle a pandemics.

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