How do you make your life feel like a super star?

Hot spot salon and broadway, one of the hottest new musical acts in town, is taking a trip to a local high school.

The band, known for its catchy, catchy songs and live performances, is set to play on Monday night at the Broadway Academy, an all-girls boarding school in New Jersey.

It will be a one-off show that will also include other new musical act, the band that recently released its new album, The Greatest, on June 15.

Hot spot is one of several new musical bands joining forces to play the school, the school’s vice president of music education and performance told Next Big Futures.

The band, whose members are mostly white, has been playing in schools and high schools across the country.

The show will also be part of a new partnership with the Broadways Community Schools, a nonprofit that connects local high schools with artists, musicians and theater groups.

The school is also donating 50 percent of proceeds from the concert to the nonprofit.

The bands’ tour dates have not been announced.

The new group is called Blackstar.