Trump supporters rally in Virginia as governor’s race heats up

Virginia Gov.

Ralph Northam is the latest Democratic gubernatorial candidate to announce a run for the White House, following Gov.

Mike Pence and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

Democratic Gov.

Mark Warner, a Democrat, and former Virginia governor Ralph Northum, a Republican, announced their campaigns Friday, with Warner saying that he has a chance to be the Democratic nominee.

The announcement comes as the race for the presidency heats up and as Democratic candidates have been gaining ground.

Warner announced his campaign for governor on Thursday.

Warner is the only Democrat running in the Virginia gubernatorial race and the only candidate to win statewide in a Republican-dominated state.

Northam is a former state senator who was elected to a third term in January, and his campaign is expected to raise more money than Warner’s.

Warner was a longtime ally of President Donald Trump, and he was in a heated exchange with the president during the 2016 election.

Northum has had a tough campaign, and has spent a lot of time in rural areas of Virginia.

He has had to compete with former state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for support from urban areas.

Northam has said that he supports “common sense policies that reduce pollution and help businesses grow.”

The Democratic candidate, who is running as a Democrat in Virginia’s primary, is one of a growing number of Republican candidates in the race.

Northum was considered a frontrunner to replace Warner before Warner’s announcement.