How to tell if you have a cold or flu and get vaccinated

It’s been a hot spot for a few months now, but it’s not the same thing.

The first thing you need to do is find out if you’re having a cold, which is the flu-like symptoms of a cold.

But it’s also important to get vaccinated, so that you can stay safe from the virus.

If you’re feeling ill, get checked in to see if you are infected and get tested.

And if you haven’t had a cold in a long time, but have symptoms, it’s important to take your temperature.

It’s a good idea to get tested at least once a year for flu.

Get the flu vaccine: Get vaccinated at least two weeks before you go to a flu vaccine campaign in Australia.

You can get the flu shot at any pharmacy.

In Queensland, it can be obtained from a chemist, chemist’s assistant, or pharmacist.

In Victoria, it may be available from a pharmacist or chemist’s.

In NSW, it is obtained from pharmacies.

You can also get the vaccine online.

Be sure to take the shot with a needle, not a syringe.

You don’t need to wait for the shot to come through your nose.

Take the shot within three days of the date you have your appointment.

You may also be able to get the shot in a public or private hospital or clinic, which may have different procedures.

For a complete list of vaccines, see the Vaccine Schedules website.