California is the hot spot for cats

California has the second-highest number of cat owners in the U.S., according to a new report.

The California Association of Cat Owners reported Tuesday that in 2014, there were nearly 890,000 pet owners.

In comparison, there are about 745,000 cat owners nationally.

The study looked at how many cats owners lived in each county.

More than half of the states population is classified as having a “cat owner population.”

The group is defined as owners of pets, cats, ferrets, rabbits, and opossums.

In California, the population of cat ownership is about 30,000 people.

The survey found that of those, a majority of them live in the greater Los Angeles area, which is home to more than 20,000 households.

There are also about 5,000 cats in Los Angeles County alone.

A similar study from the San Francisco Bay Area, found that the area had about 3,600 pet owners, but only around 1,000 residents of households with cats.

There was also a small percentage of people in rural areas that were classified as “feral” cat owners, the report said.

The average household size in the county is about three people, and it includes a pet, and a dog.

The most common pet owners were older men, and people living in the lower-income areas, the study said.

It also found that people who own dogs and cats tend to be younger, with the average age of owners being 34 years old.

It said the pet owner population has been increasing.