Which song would you like to hear the most?

The answer, of course, is Justin Bieber.

After weeks of speculation, the Biebs’ next album, which is due out in 2018, will be his final album.

It will also mark the end of his 13-year run on the Billboard Hot 100.

That includes six No. 1 albums in the last seven years: 2012’s Blurred Lines, 2013’s Sorry, 2014’s The Hills, 2015’s Beauty Behind the Madness, 2016’s Sorry Again and 2017’s Sorry again.

And while Bieber has continued to rise in popularity, his popularity has also taken a hit.

He lost 15% of his audience in the latest Nielsen SoundScan survey, according to Billboard.

That is down from 20% a year ago.

That could be down to a decline in fans who prefer listening to his songs on Spotify and other streaming services.

Billboard reports that Bieber’s audience has also declined as streaming has increased.

Last month, he lost 19% of Spotify listeners, according in a chart from The New York Times.

“It’s definitely a different vibe,” said Brian Fallon, co-founder of Beatport, the website that hosts streaming music.

“We’re still doing a good job of getting the people who love the music to keep coming back to us.”

Fallon said he has noticed an increase in Spotify listeners who like Bieber’s songs.

“The music’s really good,” Fallon said.

“I’ve noticed it as well.

I don’t know why that’s happening, but we have to keep trying.”

That could also be down due to Bieber’s recent feud with Kanye West, which began after the rapper accused him of plagiarism.

“When I got the opportunity to work with him for a year, I just fell in love with him,” Fallon told Billboard.

“And then I got in with Justin Bieber.”

Bieber’s next album will be the most anticipated album of the year.

It is expected to be the first from his label Universal Music Group, which he formed with Jay Z in 2006.

Bieber is still in the middle of the writing process for the album.

He is expected back in New York City for a major music event on January 21.